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Animated short film in hybrid techniques:

Digital drawing, engraving, oil on glass and stopmotion

Duration: 6:09 minutes

Address:Adriana Ronquillo


Entertainers: Amanda Woolrich / Daniel Merino / Daniel Ortíz / Emerson Balderas / Juan Manuel Pavón / Mijal Lino / Rina Pellizari / Jazmín Martínez

Edition: Daniel Ortiz

Production: Ampersan and the Fury Studies

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The spirits of the night produce life with their songs. TheSpirit Woman, who understands the magic of nature, can cross between all kingdoms, become an owl, be water or a tree. This is an animation inspired by the ceremonial songs of María Sabina, a Mazatec woman who knows indigenous medicine, based on the knowledge and understanding of flora and fauna. "Mujer Espíritu", is an amazing hybrid animation made collaboratively between Latin American artists, for the new single by the innovative Mexican group Ampersan, produced by Chancha Vía Circuito and Biznaga Producciones.

Adriana Ronquillo


Honorable Mention CEYLON International Film Festival

selections in festivals

ImagiNATIVE  Film Art FestivalMIX/ Copenhagen LGBT Film Festival Alter do Chão Film Festival / Historical Film Festival in Tepoztlán / Neighborhood Film Festival/Magnificent Cinema Albuquerque Latino Film Festival / 16 Communicurtas Festival/ FICCTERRA / LIFE Latina Idependent Film / IPIFF Independent Producers Indie Film Festival / Merced Queer Film Festival/ Short Film Festival rolling on a bicycle/ FEC Bogota 

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Forest without plant PURPLE copy.png
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