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tina modotti: Pphotographer and revolutionary

In production/Canada-Mexico/

Duration: 6:09 minutes

Documentary with animation in hybrid techniques:

Digital drawing, engraving, watercolor and scratch

Director: Daniela Mujica

Animation direction: Amanda Woolrich

Script: Daniela Mujica

Production: Productions eight inc

Associate producer: Éric Idriss Kanago

Entertainers: Amanda Woolrich / Adriana Comi / Natalia Pájaro / Christian Trujillo

Edition: Aline Sitoe Ndiaye

Direction of photography:Vanessa Abadhir

Director's assistant: Laura Kamugisha

Collaborators and supports:

Canada Media Found / / SODEC / Solidarity found / Photogram Selected in Los Cabos 2021 / GABRIEL FIGUEROA FILM FUND Development Pitch / MIA- International Audiovisual Market in Rome- Documentary Pitch.


Tina, Photographer and Revolutionary is a feature-length documentary interspersed with animated scenes that traces the tumultuous life of photographer Tina Modotti.

A resolutely modern woman, she tried to combine a career as an avant-garde artist and an unwavering militancy. A passionate and free woman, Tina had several lovers, both politicians and artists. At a time when the freedoms acquired by women are partially questioned, Tina's life trajectory is a source of inspiration for the author, which leads us to discover snippets of the photographer's life.

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