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horse stone

2017 / Mexico

Animated medium-length film in watercolor and digital drawing

Horse war copy.png

Duration:20 minutes

Address:Cynthia Fernandez Trejo

Animation director:Natalia Pájaro 

Entertainers: Amanda Woolrich / Mijail Gala / Natalia Pájaro / Alan Cruz / Jessica Chaires 

Edition: Natalia Pájaro and Mijail Gala

Production: IMCINE and the Endina Remolona


Matilde is a girl who is the victim of a terminal illness who is looking for the stone that will allow her to fulfill the fantasy of becoming a horse and, perhaps, even cheating death. A film loaded with imagination that was part of the French Film Tour in its twenty-second edition.


All the backgrounds were made in watercolor and drawings with coffee. They were digitally scanned and assembled to make 3D camera movements.

The horses were drawn and animated with a digital tablet, then the textures previously made in watercolor were edited in the background.


Best Medium-Length Cinematography and Best Screen Production Values / Best Medium-Length Film at the Cristal Screen Awards, Mexico 2018 / Best Photography and Medium-Length Film at the International Fantastic, Terror and Science Fiction Film Festival (FERATUM), Mexico 2018. Support for the IMCINE production

selections in festivals

Morelia International Film Festival / Cristal Screen / FERATUM / French Film Tour

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