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urban beasts



Animated short film with digital drawing, frame by frame 


Direction and animation:Amanda Woolrich and Natalia Pájaro

Production: Paolo Polesello

Edition: Natalia Pájaro 

Sound design: Raúl González 

Additional design: Mijail Gala and Daniela Sierra

Urban Beasts is a portrait of the stress of daily life in the city, where respect for our fellow man is forgotten. At a crosswalk there are two opposites: pedestrians and motorists. The characters are transformed, they are seen as "beasts" by their opposite. An old lady is at risk, she is seen by a desperate motorist as a slow cockroach that does not let her move forward.

In addition to the short film, a degree thesis was carried out at UNAM. 

With theoretical-practical research on gestural cartoon. It develops topics such as traditional animated drawing, the types of animation (experimental, orthodox, development), an introduction to animated techniques, and above all, the creation process of the animated short: Urban Beasts (Script, storyboard, character design, shooting chart, animation, editing and post-production)

bison walk.png

selections in festivals

Prime the animation Chitrakatha India y  Monterrey International Film Festival 



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